DON’T FORGET Bosnian Genocide

  • Bosnian Genocide was the brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing — in which one million Bosniaks were displaced; half a million permanently  removed from their ancestral land, and 65,000 to 75,000 Bosniak civilians and poorly armed defenders killed during the 1992-95 international conflict that took place on a territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian Genocide was characterized by the policy of systematic rapes of Bosniak women and girls, horrific and prolonged siege and shelling of Bosniak cities, starvation and terrorization of Bosniak population in the besieged enclaves and targeted destruction  of Bosniak culture and history.
    It is clear who the aggressor and who the victim was; To put things into perspective: During the war, not even one Serb city was under the siege by Bosniak forces; in fact, majority of Serb civilian casualties were killed by the Serbian army commanded by Gen. Ratko Mladic in the process of sniping and shelling multiethnic Bosnian cities like Sarajevo and Tuzla. Serb people and Serb culture were not deliberately targeted for ethnic cleansing, rape, siege, shelling, and destruction in Bosnia; it was the Serb project of “Greater Serbia”, modeled on a Nazi policy of ethnic purification, that inflicted tremendous suffering on the Bosniak people between 1992 and 1995.
    Presently, there are four legal judgements in which genocide was proven to have happened in Bosnia, other than Srebrenica, READ MORE…
  • Proper Terminology:

    We made a conscious decision to use the term Bosniaks in places where western authors and media (Reuters, Associated Press, etc.) incorrectly referred to our people as Bosnian Muslims.


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