Proclaiming Srebrenica Genocide Remembrance Day in Washington State facebook


Srebencia, the day and place where I lost any hope in the UN and it Peace missions…….the day July 11,1993, the place Bosnia in the middle of the Civil war there….in a city called Srebrenica, that is the day when 300 UN peace keepers who had been put into place by the UN to protect the Bosnian Muslim Refuges who were being chased and persecuted by the Serb army around them. they were told they were safe and in good hands until the Serb army entered the city and started to seprate the men and boys from the woman and young children…..Dutch Peace Keepers stood by and watched as families were separated into two group one of just men and boys and another of woman and boy mostly under the age of 16… group was sent out of the town on a buses to another place the second taken out and shot execution style…..8,343 people were executed by the Serbs who had come into the town and occupied it….the UN peacekeepers were their to protect the innocent civilians and they did nothing while families were separated and they had some idea something was afoot, they had guns and power to stop the separation and order the Serbs out but they did nothing…in fact the practically stood by and did nothing but record the event…..these people were put their to protect people who had no defense and they did nothing because ” they were under no immediate threat…” yet they did have some idea that the people who they were supposed to be protecting were. This is the day and Place where I lost faith in the UN and it peacekeepers. Infact I lost faith in the UN during the Bosnian Civil war.

I wasn't their but I watched on the news evening and saw the war and saw the people who were hurt by it. ( in fact I know people who were affected by it!) I heard of the Camps for Ethnic cleansing and I watched as the UN and the West did nothing for almost 4 years…. The Dayton Peace accord came too late for these and thousands of others….this is why I believe that military force should be used to stop Genocide in countries before Ethnic cleansing takes too many lives.


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