Bosnia prosecutor indicts three Serbs for crimes against humanity

The state prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina [official website] indicted three Serbian men for crimes against humanity for their roles in an attack on the town of Cajnice during the Bosnian civil war [JURIST news archive]. Milutin Kornjaca, Milorad Zivikovic and Dusko Tadic are charged [AKI report] with killing 11 Muslims in May 1992 as members of the Serbian Blue Eagles parliamentary unit. Additional charges include torture, illegal detention, and forcible resettlement of Muslim civilians in order to ethnically cleanse the population. The indictment alleges that the men shot Muslim civilians with rifles and threw hand grenades [Balkan Insight report]. It also alleges that they detained other civilians in a small area that deprived them of light, food and water and subjected them to unsanitary conditions and abuse.In April, the Bosnia and Herzegovina war crimes court [official website] convicted two Serbs [JURIST report] for their roles in the 1995 Srebenica massacre [JURIST news archive] and sentenced them to 31 years in prison. The US government extradited accused Bosnian war criminal Marko Boskic [JURIST report] to Bosnia and Herzegovina in April where he will stand trial in Sarajevo for his part in the Srebenica massacre. Cases involving the massacre are also being heard at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) [official website], where the war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic [JURIST news archive], resumed in April [JURIST report]. Karadzic is representing himself and defending against 11 charges, including genocide and murder.


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